Economy Web Hosting : $1.50/month
1 domain name
5 GB web space
500 e-mail accounts
250 GB traffic

Starter Web Hosting Plan: $2.50 / month
2 domain names
100 GB web space
1,000 e-mail accounts
1,000 GB traffic
Business Web Hosting Plan: $5.00 / month
3 domain names
200 GB web space
2,000 e-mail accounts
2,000 GB traffic
Advanced Web Hosting Plan: $10.00/ month
5 domain names
250 GB web space
3,000 e-mail accounts
2,500 GB traffic


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Website Design and Web Page optimization are vital to the success of a website. can provide the services needed to make your website a success in a growing and competitive global market. Providing search engine marketing strategies with our search..

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affordable web site design

Website Design -The design of a site is essential. Without an eye-catching functional layout that appeals to a potential customer, you are likely to lose their curiosity, with them leaving looking for something more attractive. As important as the page content is, the way in which it is arranged on the pages is similarly important when dealing with websites. There is many ways of coding a web page to make it very attractive to the search engines as well as making a attractive visual appearance. Also, when simplicity is required, html optimization of HTML means that it loads quickly in a browser, while being displayed accurately in all browsers, and so no plug-ins are required. can can design a functional website which is easy to navigate while keeping the visitor interested and making your information, products, services or any other items that you want to put on your website.

Get higher ranking with our search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization services SEO and search engine submissions are the two most important factors for increasing sales and traffic to your website.  We utilize a suite of  website analysis and website optimization tools to improve your search engine rankings for the target search terms relating to your website.  Our software tools incorporate an updated database of guidelines for correct html code design for submissions to all of the key search engines.  As we analyze existing web pages or design a new website, we will generate optimized html pages designed to rank near the top of the search engine results for certain keyword search terms related to a customers website, products, services and information. can deliver your search engine ranking for specific search or keywords within hours of your purchase of our new search engine reports service. For a small fee we will can provide a comprehensive report of your search engine rankings in the search results of all major search engines. Our search engine services tracks web positioning periodically to ensure the status of the submitted pages are ranked well and remaining optimal for the target search terms. Monthly position reports are available to provide information about the progress of website submissions and positioning. These search engine positioning reports will be available for the customer to observe via the internet  or compact disc through a standard web browser. We also provide paid listing services through many different web promotional services, paid listings and pay per click options. With our combination of web page optimization, search engine submission and paid listings/pay per click advertising we can help you establish
and maintain the web presence you need to become successful in todays global market.

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The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

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